Saturday, 1 April 2017


This blog post is brought to you by the letter B...

British bodybuilder James Hollingshead. BLOODY HELL! What a big beastly bugger! Beautiful bulging biceps, beefy balloon-esque boobies and a brutal barn door back all sit on Mr Hollinghead’s brilliant beef-packed bod.

Check out the pics where he’s blowing up those bonkers sized biceps in a front double pose! BOOF! And look at the shots where he’s blasting a side chest and showing off those beef-filled man boobs. BOOM!

Do you think if I rubbed his bald bowling ball-esque bonce a genie would pop up and grant me three wishes? But I’d only have one; to watch James blow up to even bigger, beast-like proportions and become the IFBB pro bodybuilding bull he was blatantly born to be.





1 comment:

  1. Just been checking Jamie out on YouTube so feeling pretty excited. He's a magnificent looking muscle bull n I love his pre shredded massive look in particular, with that covering of lush red hair. Imagine running your hands through that Axminster mate but also feeling the rockhard foundation its laid on..fUck! On the clips, Jamie like to wear his swolebro baseball caps but obviously hEs at the bigger end of the swolebros browse scale of things. I just get the feeling, he could be your workmate or next door neighbour. A regular guy that happened to be a massive fuck off bb! Well MA, if he lived next to me, my net curtains would be constantly twitching. Ker-fucking-splat! Great post mate! Thanks!


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