Saturday, 25 January 2014


OK hands up who loves pics of ripped up/carved to fuck/shredded to perfection muscle monkeys/cuties/hotties/FREAKS with pumped up pecs/blown up guns/ripped up abs/juiced up glutes cranking/flexing/posing/crunching their hard/tight/grainy/veiny BEEF for the camera with their pants/trousers/shorts/trackies cheekily/outrageously/naughtily resting around their ankles (WOOF/SLURP/PHWOAR)?!

Picture the scene. Some ridiculously cute muscle head in the gym who's 2 days out from competing at his first bodybuilding show. He's just finished his last set for the day. His gym buddie/fellow muscle meathead whips out his phone. "Dude! You're so fucking pumped right now. You gotta throw some poses for the camera"! A cocky smirk erupts on his face and without hesitation, he whips off his shirt. Dude. Is. SHREDDED! We're talking alien-like condition. Rips and cuts like you wouldn't believe. Skin so tight you wonder if it hurts. His buddie gasps and cries "Holy SHIT dude! What is going on"?! The Freak says nothing. He just stand there and smirks, with his outrageously pumped arms outstretched. His hard, tight, beyond shredded torso on full display for anyone who cares to look. His buddie can barely believe his eyes. "WOW! This is sick dude"! The Freak's stopped smirking and is now grimacing in concentration as he lifts both his arms up and BAM, he slams into a front double bicep with a loud grunting sound, and arrogantly snaps his mouth open like "YEAH"! His buddie is practically salivating. "Yeah baby. Whooooo! Ripped. And. Cut"! The Freak hits pose after pose, grunting, hissing, huffing and puffing with each one, as his hard tight muscles lock into place. His awe stricken buddie vocal throughout. "Come on baby lets go! Make it big bro. Keep it tight. There you go! Hooooo! This is what I'm talking about"! And then comes the crunch. "Dude! Show the quads"! Another cocky smirk erupts. The Freak reaches for the waistband on his sweat pants and peels the fuckers down to reveal the shiniest pair of metallic blue, perfectly fitted posing trunks, along with a pair of the most insanely shredded, cut to pieces, line covered quads! His friend at this point practically having an orgasm. "WOW!! DUDE! This is fucked up"! But does the ripped to ribbons, barely human, skinless looking muscle freak take the extra effort to completely remove his pants?! Does he fuck!! He twists, tenses and wobbles his freaky as fuck quads, he spins around to show off the mutant-like, line plastered glutes peeking out below his shiny shiny posers, and continues to hit pose after pose with his pants resting and draped around his ankles! Slightly lazy, definitely cheeky, very fucking awesome, and pretty much like everything in the world of hardcore freaky muscle, extremely fucking HOT!!

And for some pants around the ankles posing in action, check out this 7 minute video of an insanely conditioned, pumped to perfection muscle bull hitting pose after pose and cranking out the beef with his sweats draped over his trainers...


  1. Addict this post and your prose are sooo insanely fucking hot I can't believe it- the only thing that would be hotter is if these freaky muscle dudes dropped their pants around their ankles and weren't wearing posers or underwear but were sportin massive erections,chubbies,hard-ons to compliment those massive ripped other muscles and were just as bold to show off every mouth drooling inch of pure naked muscle-- you rock THANK YOU SO MUCH-- I GOTTA GET TO THE GYM TO WORK THIS OFF.

  2. more post like this please - loved it

  3. Are you trying to give me a heart attack-- the sheer proud exhibitionism of these musclemen is almost like being in bodybuilder heaven--THANK YOU I want to caress every quad and glute you posted AND I want every quad and glute to want me back over and over again.

  4. Addict, did you get a book for christmas on how to drive your followers totally fucking nuts, you have a whole year and the way you're going you'll have me so fucking beat to death I'll need to soak my dick in a gallon of gold bond. I'm gonna stop saying this is your hottest post because you keep CUMMING up with better ones. If the intro wasn't hot enough, to start right off with that young, gorgeous, shredded stud with those perfect red posers that should only be tongue washed while wearing them and those muscled studs with the messy rooms, let me clean your room and then I'll pull my pants down and hold on my ankles. What a great post Addict as always. Thanks.

  5. All I can say Addict between changing hands is FUCKING HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. DIDDO on Fucking Hot!!!!!!! The first pic of that young, gorgeous, carved TESTOS packed stud. Give me those pro tan stained/sweat soaked sweats from pumping up so I can stuff my face in them and beat off while he's on stage grinding out his poses and just look at his perfect fitting posers with his muscled TESTO overflow valve packed in them. WOW another great post.

  7. The Video was mesmerizing and made me all messy and gooey - dawg show some more black muscle meat. His posers were perfect for his skin color- even though you prefer shiny blue ones this dude was hot and the maid was a hoot- she was putting out the trash and got and eye full of nearly naked muscle booty.

  8. SHIZZZ, addict! First your epic post on posers then this INSANE post on pants-dropping. Dude, you are on a helluva roll right now!

    First, fantastic introduction to this post. Your prose is equal to your images in boner-making! I love the scenario you describe, with a muscle dude and his lustful buds who are unable to control themselves in the presence of their jacked pal.

    Then the collection of pics! DAMN. Many I haven't seen before and all stellar. I love the feverish vibe I get in all these pics. It's like the guy is so jacked, so pumped, so alpha he literally cannot wait 10 seconds to take off his shoes. He must pose NOW. An audience is great, but these guys are clearly fine with just flexing for themselves. So hot!

  9. Excellent text, pictures, and video, addict. How about a post dedicated to the Grab-and-Lift Ab Reveal?

    1. Im one step ahead of you on that one matie ;)

      Thanks for all the great comments on this one! Another post with fantastic feedback! Much appreciated as ever fellow addicts ;)


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