Tuesday, 12 March 2013


ROMAN FRITZ!! OH. MY. EFFING. GOD!! How is it possible for one boy/mountain of ripped up, roided up, jacked up muscle to be so damn fucking GORGEOUS?!! Seriously..I would like to know! Roman could quite possibly be *the* hottest/cutest/sexiest thing to ever pick up a dumbbell. So damn fucking handsome with that amazing jaw line, those pretty eyes and his heart throbbing smile. He's boyish and cute and yet soooo fucking masculine/butch. MINI WOOF!! And doesn't he just fucking LOVE to arrogantly screw and scrunch up that uber-gorgeous mush as he's squeezing and flexing that shredded boy beef, and cranking out those poses.

And then there's the bod! The ripped to the fucking bone, cut to ribbons, striated to fuckity fuck, SHREDDED to the end of the fucking Berlin Wall and back bod!! Look at those perfectly shaped stacked up little ab bricks crunching out of his tummy. Look at those blown up vein encrusted biceps exploding up to the roof when flexed either side of that ridiculously sexy head. Look at those shredded to buggery braided quads flaring out underneath his tiny sticky posing trunks. And look at that fucking ASS!! That hard, striated like no normal bootie is, otherworldly, posing trunk gobbling ASS!! HO. LEE. SHIT!!

Roman competed in the 2013 Arnold Amatuers earlier this month, which he placed 3rd in the Super Heavyweight category, losing out to British beast Darren Ball, and fellow German beef head Paul Poloczek (the older guy posing with Roman in some of the gym shots here)! I haven't featured Roman much on the blog as of yet, and he's still fairly under the radar at the moment but I've got a feeling a fair few of you guys will like him!

For more outrageously hot/cute, young European muscle boys, check out my posts on Roman's mate Jiri Borkovec (who pops up in some of the pics here), Istvan Polyak, and Ivan Kochetkov. I'll also be doing a post on that young Polish muscle cutie Szymon Lada soon!


  1. i've followed roman since he started. super sexy, stunning, young, butch, all man, all beautiful muscle and then more. i hope he learned from the arnold in going too far with diet as you can see from the gym photos, much thicker, fuller and ripped compared to on stage, way too depleted and drawn. that said he is still young muscled man perfection and hope he stays with it for years to CUM. great post addict. hope you update heartthropping istvan soon.

  2. It's weird when they wear socks with their posers. It's like that's all they wear when they go out in public. Can you imagine a bodybuilder just strolling around outside in public places with just their posers?!

  3. He looks so great in his gym shots--especially abdominals and thighs--but I would have guessed he is a light heavyweight looking at the stage shots. Still a gorgeous slab of beef however.

  4. Consummately handsome STUD, who could stand to put on another 30 pounds of muscle to break into the big leagues.

  5. I just offered up a load of roid cum to this god.

    1. I'm on cum load #3 for worship...wonder how much worshipper seed has been offered up since this post went up.

  6. MA
    It was you who introduced this ultra-hot muscle incarnation to me, last year. For me he was the most promising discovery of 2012.
    I was just taken by his overall appearance, very symmetrical, very ripped, large, and so so BUTCH.

    From his handsomely rugged face, the heavy jaw line (with stubble) – so effing hot. The deep set eyes and heavy forehead.
    He can scrunch his moosh all he wants, he looks so hot, he can’t make a bum move in my opinion.

    Seriously sexy

    If this ain’t symmetrical, then I don’t know what is. Every inch (centimetre, it’s the decimal age), has been developed. He doesn’t have any really bad body part, that he has ignored. It’s all so detailed, it’s all up to scratch (typical German), as such the quality is so on the button.

    Something special is in the making

    The guy is dripping sex, I mean just look at this

    Yeah, it's all good

    His ass like everything else on him, is amazing!!

    With pants on, he is no less sexy. The way he stands just demands your attention. Check out the V-taper to his tiny waist, and the overall development, tris, delts , lats, rhomboids, you name them, they are well developed, with next to no fat.


    From the competition pics, we can see he over-dieted and looks very drawn and somewhat depleted. Despite that, he still is way ahead of many of his competitors.

    I doubt he will quit (just yet), he’s known to be extremely single-minded and determined. So we will wait to see what adjustments he makes in his preparation before coming back even more primed and bigger than before.

    I’m glad this is only part 1, I can’t wait for more Roman. I’ve spilled over his figure on many occasion.

    The guy is amongst, among my favs, no question.

    A big thank you to you MA.

  7. His showing at the Arnold was a bit disappointing, but overdieting is something he can remedy with a good coach. I'm willing to monitor his diet and spoonfeed him ice cream any time he started getting too ripped before his next show.

  8. Hey muscleaddict, thank you for your fantastic cumtastic blog!!!

    Speaking of Germany, next month there will be FIBO again, this time for the first time in Cologne. Would be nice to meet up with some fellow muscleaddicts from Europe there. Perhaps you could make a posting? Just an idea … ;)

    Best from Berlin,

    1. Thanks matie! Don't worry the FIBO is definitely on my radar. I featured quite a few guys from last years event and I plan to do the same this year :)

  9. Fuckin' 'ell this lad is awesome! I know he ain't massive yet but he's got muscle and he competes, what's not to like?? Deffo got an attitude too, seen vids of him flexing and you can see him totally getting off on the show off thing. This is intended as a total compliment : YOU FUCKING SMUG BASTARD. Gotta keep that attitude up! Love the pic of him and Jiri flexing at the expo thing, trainers still on, trackies round their ankles, posers on, giving it some muscle, awesome look lads!!

  10. Absolutely the most handsome and sexiest bb around. And I thought antoine was hot!!!! This dudes beyond gorgeous. Hyper masculine and that grin???!!! I like him just the size he is. He's ripped to perfection.


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